People often ask me what it was that made me want to do this work.

For me, the journey began when a friend I call “Famo” was in desperate need of help. Things were going bad for Famo and I wasn’t too fond of what I was going through at that point in my life either. The struggle was real, and we both needed a reason to keep going. We wee both feeling like “survival” wasn’t a good enough result.

We couldn’t exactly define what winning was at that point, but we definitely weren’t going to tolerate things the way they were. I’m sure some of you out there have felt the same way. The fact is: people do not change what they are willing to tolerate. Famo and I were no longer willing to tolerate existing in a world where the best we could expect was another day of work in the survival factory.

Caring about someone else and wanting to give that person a legitimate first chance at creating a life worth living was the first reason I began doing what I do. I discovered the second reason about eight months later.

In June of 2011 I was reading a book called The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. In that book there’s a formula: E + R = O. It’s a really simple concept. What it says is “Events plus Response equals Outcomes.” That was the day I stopped feeling like life was happening to me. That’s when I realized that I could influence what life was going to ultimately look like for me and possibly many others tomorrow.

Events are going to occur in life that we have absolutely no control over, but that’s not the only variable producing our life experience. We can’t control the event, but as human beings, we can always choose what we do in response to what has happened.

From that point on, I chose to live my life on purpose. I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than what I truly wanted in life. I didn’t care how hard or how seemingly impossible it would be to achieve my dreams. I wanted to be free, I wanted to be happy, and I wanted a home, complete with kids and a beautiful wife. I wanted to live in a way that would assure that when it was all said and done, I would have every reason to expect to receive God’s affirmation for what I did with my time, talent, character, and will. All of those things were worth changing everything for.

I took a few days to envision my ideal life. I actually wrote down everything I wanted, down to the details of the color of the drapes in my dream home and the specific moments I desired to someday share with the women I love and the family we would be raising together. Connecting to those ideals was life-transforming for me.

Loving someone else enough to change was the start of my journey. The reasons why I continue to give my all each and every day. And the reason why I am committed to making a real difference in this world is because I found a way to connect with everything I truly love that is still left inside of me. Most of what I desire cannot exist in the world as it currently is. Therefore, I cannot rest until we create a world where those ideas, ideals, and dreams can become real.

Thanks for reading my blog. Here is what you can look forward to in my next few posts:

  1. The things I desire most and why.
  2. The external struggle that drives my journey of accomplishment
  3. The internal struggles I deal with.

Please let me know what you need to hear or want to know. Feel free to suggest future blog topics by sending me a message on the Connect page.

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