The purpose of this blog is to benefit anyone who wants to learn who I am. This platform allows me to add my voice to the existing narrative about my life and to share my truth.

I fully intend to create a space for transparency that invites people to experience or engage in the journey as I develop into the person I have the potential to become.

The idea is to post weekly content relative to the following evergreen topics:

  1. When I’m Not Changing the World: interests, hobbies, and how I unplug/unwind
  2. Music for Misfits: sharing music for the moment, playlists for productivity, and the soundtracks for our stories.
  3. Reading is Fundamental: essential reading for change makers and future leaders
  4. Productivity Tips: Advice for making your un-impossible work profitable
  5. Innovation Ideations: sharing ideas and brainstorming ways to achieve new and better outcomes in more places more often

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