God created you for a purpose and He will never require anything more of you than your best; but He will allow you to grow. As you press on, persist, endure, and strain against what you believed were your boundaries, in His infinite wisdom, He considers the value of your learning.

There is nothing in this world that will ever prevent God from accomplishing that He has set out to do in my life. He has promised me His best, and He cannot lie. I already have the desires of my heart. Remain at peace. Know and trust the Lord your God is good and blesses you continually… without fail or exception

You can only lose if you desire to do so! Choose life. Choose abundance. Choose joy, happiness, fulfillment, strength, excellence, and love. Choose substance, and only choose principles.

All you can do is succeed… why succeed in the dark?

You can think your way out of anything. If you put your mind to it. No matter what the problem is, your mind is capable of coming up with a solution… but once a solution becomes apparent, that’s when other factors come into play: focus, determination, strength, persistence, resilience, etc.