What Motivates Me

It seems like what I want for all of us can only happen in an impossible future… and that gives me three choices:

  1. Change what I want
  2. Tolerate compromise; or
  3. Do the impossible

The problems are…

  1. I can clearly see a future for all of us that is transformatively better for our personal, public, and professional lives. Plus, I’m convinced that vision can be achieved in our lifetime . (So, I’m not changing what I want!)
  2. My strategy and motivation for living does not allow for compromise; and
  3. I still haven’t found a good enough reason not to do the “impossible.”

This is why, in spite of my current life conditions, I consistently show up in this world as a life-long learner, a strategist, a leader, change agent, and dedicated child of God. A critical factor for success in each of these roles is the growing capacity and capability to both inspire and be inspired by others.

What I want, and who I am, are shaping this journey to first (1) redefine, then (2) achieve what’s “possible.”

Welcome to life and adventure with Rhidale Dotson.

The way I live, love, work, and learn matter because…

• What I live for (to live free, grow creatively, and leave empty) has the potential to change the world.
• Who I love (God, Family, Friends, and Community) should consistently benefit from a value­-adding relationship where my commitment is one of unlimited liability.
• The results of my work (even if I’m working on myself) must always improve the client’s
condition; otherwise my work isn’t done yet.
• The reasons I keep learning are to develop our collective capacity and capability to expand boundaries, overcome obstacles, and effectively solve problems that would continue to remain impossible if we chose not to elevate our thinking or change our behaviors.

The Real – Thinking Outside the Box

A problem exists when there is a difference between the real and the ideal.

I tend to view the “real” as a box, and there are two very important things to remember about that box:

  1. The box is given substance by our beliefs, and
  2. That box is never built alone.

We’ve all got problems, but for more reasons than I can explain here… I’ve had to become great at outside-the-box problem-solving; and that’s my secret sauce. The reason I get such great results from my innovations is because I recognized and leveraged the difference between inside-the-box problems and outside-the-box problems. The difference is where you choose to place your ideals.

I’ve personally chosen to no longer accept an existence inside the possibilities of the current box I’m in. This box is cold, dark, restrictive and way too small to contain my ambitions and creativity. Nearly two decades ago I was sentenced to “Life without Parole” inside of a box. As hard as it is to admit, for more than a decade, I and the majority of my loved ones were giving the box I’m currently in much more substance than we should have.

On June 12, 2011, I suspended my belief in that box long enough to see through all the labels, walls, seemingly insurmountable challenges and obstacles I perceived to be limiting me. Once the confines of this box felt less substantial, I gave myself permission to envision a future better than the one I have inside the box. Now, clearly seeing past the current predicament, I began to visualize a life so beautiful and compelling that I could no longer settle for anything else inside of that box.

From that point on, ALL of my ideals exist outside of the current box I’m in.

I remember reading a quote somewhere that said, “There’ s no such thing as a lazy person, just people with impotent goals.” If anyone out there ever feels the need to change their life, I’d highly recommend that you begin by envisioning an ideal future… a  future  that  you  simply  cannot  live  without.  Give yourself permission to set goals with outcomes so good you’d be willing to trade your life for them. Then decide to give that future some substance (and remember that you don’t have to give it substance on your own).

Deciding not to settle for an existence within the confines of  what has been declared  as “possible”  for me inside-of-the box means that solving all of my outside-the -box problems is a MUST! People work much differently when they transform their “shoulds” into “MUSTS!” The reason our tomorrow will be better than today is because I’m making it a MUST to help like-minded people become greater than myself at solving outside-the-box problems.

Simply put, the “real” is what we choose to believe and give substance to. Trust me, the future we can share together is a beautiful one. Making it real is a choice. I already made my choice. What’s yours?